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Can Fluoride Help Adults?

September 17th, 2019

Fluoride treatments aren’t only for children; they offer many benefits to adults, especially those vulnerable to developing tooth decay. Studies have shown that fluoride applied directly to the teeth is effective in preventing cavities, potentially reducing the need for dental treatments down the road. Your dedicated team at Avalon Dental Care is here to help you enjoy a healthy smile for years to come!

Preventative Dentistry: How Does Fluoride Help?

Preventative dentistry aims to halt the development of dental problems. One of these ways is by using fluoride, a naturally occurring mineral found in some of the foods we eat and our water supply. Regular fluoride treatments can help strengthen the tooth enamel, making it more resistant to acid attacks, and can also help reverse any erosion or demineralization that has already occurred.

What Should You Expect

Fluoride treatments are simple, quick, and painless. We will apply a concentrated fluoride gel or foam to your teeth for a few minutes, after which we will rinse out your mouth. We may ask you not to eat, drink, or rinse for at least 30 minutes following the treatment to allow your teeth to absorb the fluoride.

Who Is a Candidate for Fluoride Treatments?

While all adults can benefit from fluoride treatments, certain conditions make these treatments a necessary component of preventative care. That is the case with patients with an elevated risk of tooth decay, including those with dry mouth (xerostomia), gum disease, a history of recurrent cavities, the presence of crowns, bridges or braces, and chemotherapy or radiotherapy patients. Fluoride treatments are also recommended for smokers, patients who do not get enough fluoride through their diets, and those with poor oral hygiene habits.

At Home Preventative Care

One of the most important preventative practices is brushing at least twice each day and flossing daily. Make sure you also keep up with your routine dental exams and cleanings to keep your smile clean and healthy.

Preventative Care Near Me

Visit Avalon Dental Care to learn more about fluoride treatments, as well as the quality preventative care procedures we offer. We are firm believers in prevention rather than treating dental disease after it develops. We look forward to helping you enjoy a healthy smile for years to come. Call us today!

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