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Implants – Endosteal and Subperiosteal

March 17th, 2020

If you are in search of a solution to restore missing teeth, you may want to consider dental implants. Once …

Are Local Anesthetics Safe During Pregnancy?

March 10th, 2020

Pregnancy is a magical time, full of excitement and anticipation. You’re doing everything you can to protect your tiny baby …

What Is a Crown?

February 20th, 2020

At Avalon Dental Care, helping our patients maintain confident, healthy smiles is our topmost priority. We are proud to offer …

What Is an Intraoral Camera?

February 6th, 2020

Today’s advances in dental technology offer many new products to enhance your experience at the dentist’s office. At Avalon Dental …

Why Mouthguards are a Must for Sports

January 16th, 2020

Did you know that approximately 5 million Americans lose their teeth in sports-related injuries each year? We, at Avalon Dental …

How Often Can I Whiten My Teeth?

January 2nd, 2020

Deciding on teeth whitening is one of the best things you can do for your smile. This simple cosmetic dentistry …

How to Protect Tooth Enamel from Erosion

December 19th, 2019

Did you know that tooth enamel is the hardest and strongest substance in your body? Enamel encases the crown, which …

What Causes Bad Breath?

December 5th, 2019

Did you know that approximately one in four people around the world battle bad breath each day? The good news …

Tooth Bonding vs. Veneers: The Pros and Cons

November 15th, 2019

Are you in search of ways to improve your smile? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Avalon Dental …

What Is Periodontal Disease?

November 1st, 2019

Periodontal (gum) disease can affect more than just your teeth and gums. It can affect your overall health too! At …

What Are Porcelain Veneers and How Can They Help My Smile?

October 16th, 2019

With today’s modern cosmetic dentistry procedures, including porcelain veneers, dental flaws or imperfections don’t stand a chance. These restorations will …

Why Does My Tooth Extraction Require Oral Surgery?

October 2nd, 2019

Saving a tooth is always our top priority. However, when a tooth is damaged beyond repair, extraction may be your …

Can Fluoride Help Adults?

September 17th, 2019

Fluoride treatments aren’t only for children; they offer many benefits to adults, especially those vulnerable to developing tooth decay. Studies …

What Does Laughing Gas Do to a Dental Patient?

September 3rd, 2019

Does the thought of going to a dentist fill you with fear? If so, you are not alone. Many people …

What Is an Implant-Supported Denture?

August 15th, 2019

You may have heard of dentures to replace missing teeth, but have you heard of implant-supported dentures? If you are …

X-Rays and Why They Are Necessary

August 7th, 2019

X-rays, also known as radiographs, are essential components of any dental care treatment plan. They are diagnostic in nature, but …

Common Questions About Using Mouthwash

July 11th, 2019

While preventive dentistry is designed to keep dental disease at bay, a major component of prevention is caring for your …

What Can I Do If I Lose My Filling or Crown?

July 11th, 2019

While losing a dental crown or filling is uncommon, it can happen when you least expect. Knowing the steps to …

Brushing for 2 and How Your Oral Health Affects Your Baby

June 12th, 2019

Expecting a baby is a magical time. You’ve got so much to look forward to and so many exciting preparations. …

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