Post Braces Tightening
The tightening of your braces is a normal-and inconvenient- part of having braces. Discomfort around your teeth and gums after a tightening is a part of the process. While each adjustment made by your dentist is crucial to a gorgeous smile, it can leave your mouth feeling a little worse for wear.
Here is how you can combat the pain after your dentist visit.
How to Deal with the Post-Tightening Pain
Over-the-Counter Pain Medication
Take pain relief medication an hour before your appointment to ease the discomfort during and after the procedure. Any over-the-counter pain medication should work. Just be sure to take the recommended dosage. You can continue to take them following the procedure if the pain becomes uncomfortable.
Use an Icepack
Applying cold pressure to an injured area is always a good idea. Place an icepack on your mouth to help with inflammation. In turn, it will ease the discomfort.
Drinking ice water also has the same effect. The cold water will provide a numbing sensation to the mouth and decrease inflammation.
Avoid Eating Hard Food
Since your teeth are extra sensitive after a tightening, avoid eating hard foods. Opt for soft foods such as soup, pudding, or smoothies. Anything that allows you to give your teeth a rest are a plus.
Ultimately, you want to exercise patience. Remember that the slight discomfort you feel for a few days will not last forever. Soon your braces will come off and the tightening of your teeth will be a distant memory.
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