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How Does Tooth Whitening Work?

December 27th, 2017

Have you ever longed for a bright, white, attention-grabbing smile? Rest assured, you are not alone. One of the quickest ways to rid you of dull, stained, yellow teeth and transform your smile is through professional tooth whitening treatments. Get a bright white smile today using one of the latest and most sought-after trends in Cosmetic Dentistry! Isn’t it time you enjoyed your dazzling smile once again?

How Does Tooth Whitening Work?

Your teeth are made up of inner dentin layers, and hard outer enamel layers, which serve to protect your teeth. Food, coffee, cigarette smoke, etc. begin to form a layer called a pellicle film over your tooth enamel. During a routine cleaning, your dental professional will remove the film by scraping or using chemical treatments. Regular brushing with an abrasive, whitening toothpaste also lifts this layer.

If left sitting for an extended time, the pellicle layer begins to enter your tooth enamel. Once the staining agents penetrate the porous hydroxyapatite crystals which make up your tooth enamel, you can’t scrape them away. These stains are harmless, but leave a lot to be desired aesthetically.

Once the stains enter your enamel, you will need to bleach your teeth using a tooth whitening treatment to restore your dazzling smile. Your cosmetic dentist will gently clean your teeth and put a barrier on your gums, and will then apply hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide paste on your teeth for several minutes.

The bleach used will break up the stains into smaller pieces, making the discoloration less concentrated, resulting in brighter teeth. You may see about four to six shades of whitening after only 40 minutes of treatment!

Is Tooth Whitening Safe?

Researchers have found that tooth whitening is a safe and effective procedure, especially when completed at your dentist’s office. Your dentist will use quality professional teeth whitening products that will leave you with brighter teeth and a whiter smile without any harm.

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