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How to Care for Your Dentures

How to Care for Your Dentures

September 15th, 2020

Just like your natural teeth, dentures need meticulous care and attention. Taking the time to clean and care for your restorations daily will allow you to enjoy a healthy functional smile for many years to come!

The Importance of Maintaining Clean Dentures

Food particles tend to stick to areas of your dentures, and if not removed, can result in staining, bad breath, and a variety of dental problems. Bacteria feeding on food particles on the part of the dentures in contact with your mouth often results in the inflammation of the gums and tissues, leading to gum (periodontal) disease or mouth sores.

How Should You Care for Your Dentures?

Rinse Your Dentures: Rinse your dentures thoroughly using warm water after eating to remove food particles or residual acids. Make sure you don’t use hot water, which could warp your restorations.

Use a Denture Brush: Use a denture brush to clean the difficult-to-reach parts of your dentures. If you prefer using a regular toothbrush, choose a soft-bristled one to avoid abrasion, and make sure you clean all the curved sections of the dentures. Missing any areas allows bacteria to flourish, promotes the formation of tartar, and increases your risk of gum disease.

Brush With Denture Paste: Use denture specific toothpaste that effectively removes bacteria and food debris, but is gentle enough to prevent damage to your restorations.

Soak Your Dentures Overnight: Keep your dentures moist to avoid warping or damage. Store them in water or a mild denture solution overnight or when not in use.

Schedule Your Regular Dental Exams: Regular visits to Avalon Dental Care will allow us to monitor your restorations and your oral health. Never attempt any repairs or adjustments to avoid damaging your dentures. If you have any concerns, let us know right away.

Quality Dental Care Near Me

Visit Avalon Dental Care in the El Segundo And Carson areas to learn more about caring for your dentures. During your routine visits, we will ensure that your restorations fit well and are free of damage. We are all about maintaining functional, healthy smiles. Call us and schedule your appointment today!

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