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What Are the Benefits of Water Irrigation Products?

What Are the Benefits of Water Irrigation Products?

August 5th, 2020

Water irrigation products offer numerous benefits, including enhancing your oral hygiene and reducing the risk of developing tooth decay, cavities, periodontal (gum) disease, and halitosis (bad breath). Talk to your trusted team at Avalon Dental Care to learn more about keeping your smile in tip-top shape.

What Are Water Irrigation Products?

Water irrigation products are also known as dental water jets or water picks. The small, handheld devices use streams of pressurized water or mouthwash to loosen and flush out plaque, bacteria, food particles, and debris from between the teeth and around and below the gum line. Oral irrigation isn’t meant to replace flossing, but rather, to complement it.

The Benefits of Using Water Irrigation Products

Water irrigation products offer an easy and effective way to clean between your teeth. In just 60 seconds, you’ll reduce the overall amount of bacteria and plaque that contribute to developing tooth decay and periodontal disease by a staggering 99 percent. Moreover, the device helps control gingivitis, particularly in those who don’t floss regularly. Patients using water irrigation products improve their gum health by up to 93 percent compared to those who brush alone.

Who Benefits Most from Using Water Irrigation Products?

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of water irrigation products, especially those with the following conditions:

Sensitive Gums: Patients with sensitive gums often find flossing highly irritating. Oral irrigators will gently remove plaque and bacteria.

Diabetes: Diabetes increases the risk of periodontal disease, especially with uncontrolled glucose levels. Oral irrigators help prevent or control gum disease, safeguarding your oral health.

Orthodontic Appliances: Studies show that an oral irrigator used after brushing helps patients undergoing orthodontic treatment remove three times as much plaque as those who brush and floss, and five times the amount of plaque as those who only brush their teeth.

Dental Implants: One of the main factors contributing to the success of a dental implant is maintaining meticulous oral hygiene practices. Oral irrigators help remove the overall amount of plaque and lower gum inflammation, which are significant factors in implant failure.

Quality Preventive Dentistry Near Me

Visit Avalon Dental Care in the El Segundo and Carson areas to learn more about preventive care for long-term healthy smiles. We encourage you to maintain proper oral hygiene practices and to visit our office for your twice-yearly dental exams and cleanings. We are here to support your oral health every step of the way. Call us and schedule your appointment today.

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