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What You Need to Know About Removing Wisdom Teeth

December 5th, 2016

Wisdom Tooth Removal

One common misconception people have about wisdom teeth is that they all need to be removed. If they are correctly positioned in your mouth and do not cause pain or crowding then they can remain. Many dentists still suggest to have them removed because they are susceptible to cavities due to the fact that they are not easy to clean.
Impacted teeth or those that grow at an angle and cause crowding are the ones you want removed. They cause major pain for an individual and over time will ruin a straight smile.
If you do not have wisdom teeth, do not worry since a small amount of individuals simply do not grow them.

At What Age Should I have my Wisdom Teeth Removed

There is not a right age to have your wisdom teeth removed. Some get them at an early age and will have them removed then. Others simply wait until adulthood or never bother. Make sure you visit a dentist before making a decision.

What You Need to Know about the Procedure

Many individuals ask if the procedure is painful and the answer is no. With proper anesthesia, you will not feel a thing. Make sure you inform your dentist if you are not completely numb before the removal gets underway.
Eating will be difficult and painful afterwards. Make sure you have plenty of soft foods on hand such as pudding, soup, mashed potatoes, and scrambled eggs. You do not want to eat solids that will irritate your sensitive gums.

El Segundo Oral Surgery

At Avalon Dental Care, we make sure that our clients are comfortable during any procedure. To schedule your appointment to learn about your wisdom teeth options, contact our El Segundo Office at (310)640-3500 or our Carson Office at (310)830-3500.

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