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X-Rays and Why They Are Necessary

August 7th, 2019

X-rays, also known as radiographs, are essential components of any dental care treatment plan. They are diagnostic in nature, but can also be preventive by helping in the diagnosis and treatment of potential dental problems before they progress.

What X-Rays Reveal

In order to provide the best possible dental care to their patients, dentists need more than a visual examination to tell them what they need to know. Thanks to dental x-rays, dentists can accurately diagnose and treat dental problems before they progress and become more serious. 

X-rays provide highly detailed images of the teeth, bone, and supporting tissues of the mouth. They are used to detect cavities, diagnose bone loss due to periodontal (gum) disease, look closely at the tooth roots, and to determine the health of the bone structure. They can detect the presence of cysts, abscesses, and other masses. X-rays help determine the status of developing teeth and uncover congenitally missing or impacted teeth such as wisdom teeth.

The Intraoral Camera

Avalon Dental Care is proud to offer imaging using an intraoral camera, which is a revolutionary diagnostic tool that allows us to identify problems within the mouth early on. The tiny camera takes pictures of the teeth and displays the images on a computer screen. We are able to view the areas requiring treatment, making procedures more understandable. The accompanying software provides clear and concise data allowing us to select the best treatment options.

Are X-Rays Safe

Today’s x-ray equipment is safer than ever before. The dose of radiation exposure from dental x-rays is minimal. Additionally, we use protective equipment such as lead body aprons and shields to keep you safe. You can always trust that your safety and well-being are our primary concerns.

Keep in mind that people with healthy teeth and gums may require x-rays less frequently. You can significantly reduce the number of x-rays you need by making sure you follow good oral hygiene practices at home.

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