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How Do I Know If My Tooth Needs More Than a Filling?

January 4th, 2019

Tooth decay usually begins before you ever notice. Plaque, a sticky film of bacteria, continuously forms of your teeth. The bacteria produce acids, which slowly erode at the hard enamel covering your teeth causing tooth decay. If left untreated, the decay will eventually work its way through all the layers of a tooth.

Do I Need a Dental Filling?

Pain and sensitivity are not present until the decay reaches the dentin layer which contains tiny nerve endings that can become irritated, causing sensitivity. You may also experience discomfort when biting down and may find that food becomes trapped between your teeth. 

Tooth decay spreads quickly, all the way to the root. As the decay progresses, pain may become more persistent and intense. Repairing your decayed tooth with dental fillings will prevent the condition from advancing and requiring more than a simple filling.

Do I Need More Than a Filling?

If left untreated, tooth decay reaches the tooth pulp. The infection may result in a painful abscess and symptoms including fever, swelling, and a bump on your gum. In this case, you will likely require a root canal. If you neglect to get the necessary treatment, you may suffer serious consequences as the infection spreads into your jawbone and throughout your body. 

Restoring Your Tooth

We usually repair cavities with tooth-colored composite resin fillings which restore your tooth to its form and function. If, however, the decay has reached your pulp and you require root canal treatment, we will remove the diseased pulp and clean and seal the area. You will need a dental crown to protect your weakened tooth structure from breakage. While we will do everything we can to save a tooth, if the damage is beyond repair, the only choice would be a tooth extraction.

It’s best to stop decay from ever developing by brushing and flossing regularly, and visiting us for your routine checkups and cleanings. If we uncover an underlying problem, we can treat it before your condition progresses.

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