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What Not to Do After Getting a Filling

April 1st, 2018

Dental fillings are common dental procedures to treat tooth decay. While many patients understand what to do after getting a filling, some may not be aware of practices to avoid. Following are things you should not do after getting your filling.

Avoid Chewing While Your Mouth Is Numb

After getting your filling, your mouth will feel numb. Make sure to avoid chewing on the numb side because you could end up biting your tongue, cheeks, or lips. If you’ve had fillings done on both sides, wait until the anesthetic wears off before attempting to eat.

Foods to Avoid After Dental Filling

Avoid hard, chewy, or sticky foods for up to two weeks especially if you got a silver filling. If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, you may benefit from avoiding hot and cold drinks and foods.

Avoid Biting Too Hard

Biting down too hard can cause damage to your fillings. Your new restorations can only handle so much pressure. The larger they are, the weaker they are. Make sure to take gentle bites to preserve your fillings.

Refrain from Grinding Your Teeth

If you habitually grind your teeth, a condition called bruxism; you can end up wearing down the surfaces of your teeth, along with chipping or cracking your new fillings. If needed, we can fit you with a mouthguard to protect your teeth.

Caring For Your Fillings

It is essential that you care for your filling just as you would for your teeth. Make sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily. Additionally, make sure that you keep up with your routine checkups and cleanups so that we can check on your filling and make sure it is in tip-top condition.

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